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Blanco River Residence

Designed for a recently retired couple wanting to entertain family, grandchildren and friends, this single-family residence is sited on the Blanco River in the Texas hill country. This 3,900 square foot home is broken down into three zones. The division of these zones creates separate air handling units, allowing the appropriate portions of the building to be cooled more efficiently. The U-shaped plan facilities one room thick spaces allowing for natural cooling by cross ventilation. The entire building has a high percentage of internal masonry walls to achieve thermal mass, which retains the desired coolness.

The small second floor loft was designed specifically for playful grandchildren. The opposite wing consists of the two guest suites and a guest foyer with separate entry. The central portion contains the living areas. The U-shaped floor plan defines an entry courtyard with an attractive water feature, providing one of many shady, cool outdoor gathering areas. Opposite the courtyard is the river terrace which connects to a screened porch, designed for outdoor dining. The multilevel terrace with varying degrees of shading was designed to capture river views while protecting the home from the Texas sun.

The porches and awnings, set deep into the thick masonry walls, shade all windows. The materials chosen for this home include local limestone and cedar, as well as recycled antique long leaf pine for the rafters and floors.

This house was featured in the 2002 Wimberley Homes Tour.