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Castellina Townhomes

These 20 townhouse units, located on a hilltop west of Austin with a view of the lake and the city skyline, are part of a mixed-use development encompassing 235 acres of the Texas Hill Country. There are 150 residences in six hillside clusters.

The environmental impacts of the project have been mitigated by confining building sites to areas with 0–15 percent slopes and by integrating residential parking within garages beneath each dwelling cluster. 90 percent of the tract is devoted to open space.

The hillside clusters are Mediterranean in flavor, with earth-toned stucco walls, tile roofs, deeply set windows and terraces, balconies, and staircases strategically placed to maximize privacy and take advantage of views. Units vary in size from 1500 square feet to 2000 square feet. Native plants and wildflowers are used to integrate the structures into the setting.