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Harthan Street Residence

This addition to a 1930s house in a dense commercial area created an urban oasis while retaining the Mediterranean character of the original architecture. The house is bordered by a busy thoroughfare, a cozy yet active shopping district, and, to its rear, a three-story apartment house on the adjacent lot.

The firm utilized the city zoning regulations to the client’s advantage by designing a 35-foot tower to vertically house the 3500-square-foot addition. The stair tower becomes the dominant element of the building and creates a major presence from the street.

Materials and ornamental motifs found in the original house were adapted to the new addition, which contains a music room, living room, and master bedroom. The L shape of the addition defines a courtyard that contains a swimming pool. The original roof of multi-colored Ludowici Italian tile was replicated for the addition. The roof shapes, ornamental tile patterning, over-sized brackets, and fireplace help minimize the scale of the addition.