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Hillside Residence Pool

Nearly twenty years after the initial design and construction of the Hillside Residence, the new owners commissioned Black + Vernooy to design a swimming pool that would complement their beloved home, porches, and terraces. The spa has direct access from the master bedroom terrace, while the pool abuts an existing terrace wall and aligns with the main entry enfilade. The design utilizes the topography to adjoin the lower lawn, as generous steps gently lead you into the deep, lagoon-style pool. It is equipped with plenty of seating along the perimeter and adorned with boulders harvested from the site itself, each one carefully selected and placed for its sculptural qualities. The cliff-side seating cleverly disguises the pool equipment and associated sound. A natural stone “negative edge,” resembling Sinclair’s 1984 design of the dam at Barton Creek Preserve, anchors the pool in the landscape.