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The Seaholm Power Plant is a historically significant and architecturally unique building on the banks of Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin, Texas, a city known for its technology, education, and creativity. Constructed in the 1950s, the 110,000-square-foot building is an impressive example of the simplified Art Deco Moderne style and represents a unique period of American municipal architecture. The plant was decommissioned in spring 2004 after an eight-year, $1.5-million cleanup, remediation, and abatement effort.

Sinclair Black was an original member of the Seaholm Reuse Planning Committee, established by the City of Austin, whose work resulted in the commission of the Seaholm District Master Plan to “preserve a fine example of civic architecture and to create a major public attraction” as well as to “revitalize a hidden corner of downtown.” The ROMA Design Group was selected by the city to prepare the master plan. The Austin community unanimously agreed that Seaholm should serve as some form of a civic/public/educational venue for both adults and children. The community also strongly believed that the site is a historically significant element to the city and should thereby serve as a destination within the state and region. Therefore, the primary objective of the master plan was to establish the redevelopment of Seaholm as a successful public attraction and a historic marker of the City of Austin.

Black + Vernooy is a team member of Seaholm Power LLC, which was selected in 2005 by the City of Austin as master developers for the restoration and adaptive re-use of the Seaholm Power Plant.