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St. Stephen’s Master Plan

Black + Vernooy was commissioned in a joint venture with RioGroup to carry out a 300-acre master plan for this small private middle and high school. The plan was developed through a “town meeting” format, in which students, faculty, parents, administrators, maintenance people, and board members were asked to participate in hands-on planning via a series of workshops.

Ultimately, the process produced a plan for creating a new infrastructure for the campus and a plan for the code compliance, maintenance, and management of the 33 buildings on the campus. A complete set of architectural, site design, and landscape design guidelines, coupled with a manual for management and maintenance of the buildings and landscape, was included in the master plan.

The plan also determined the site for remote parking, a new student center and middle school in renovated buildings, a new girl’s dormitory, and, finally, a new fine arts center and theater. All of these projects were completed with the dedication of the Helm Fine Arts Center in October 1993.